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There will be various fundraising opportunities throughout the year to assist students in spring trip expenses.  

Concert Ticket Sales

Parents and families can buy Pops Concert, Winter Concert, and Spring Concert tickets IN ADVANCE and have a portion of the sales go towards their child’s account. Tickets bought at the door will not go towards the student’s account. Ticket sales will begin about two weeks in advance of the concert.


With over 750 retailers, Scrips makes it easy for your everyday purchases to benefit your child and their music program. Please contact Dianne Choy (band parent) for more information.  

Selling Goods

Other fundraising opportunities may include Joe Corbi’s, Poinsettia sales, Mums sales, etc. Students will be notified in advance of the fundraisers and their final end date.  

Throughout the years we have had many items not picked up on fund raising delivery days and left in the Choir Room for days. Students are notified on a daily basis a week before fund raising items are delivered. We will also email parents about delivery dates.

  The Glenelg Choral Department will not be responsible for any items that are not picked up on the delivery date. Pizzas will not last if they are not refrigerated and will also not be attended to. The same goes for our plant sales. We have no way to store any of these items past the delivery date.  

Also, NO late fund raising orders will be accepted. Thank you for understanding.