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Fund Raising Opportunities:

  • Fall Pizza Sale
  • Winter Poinsettia Sale
  • Apple Fritter Stand at Larriland Farms
  • Winter Pizza Sale
  • POPS & Winter Concert Ticket Sales
  • Grocery Certificate Program – ongoing throughout the year
  • A Note About Fundraisers Throughout the years we have had many items not picked up on fund raising delivery days and left in the Choir Room for days. Students are notified on a daily basis a week before fund raising items are delivered. We will also email parents about delivery dates. The Glenelg Choral Department will not be responsible for any items that are not picked up on the delivery date. Pizzas will not last if they are not refrigerated and will also not be attended to. We have no way to store any of these items past the delivery date. Also, NO late fund raising orders will be accepted. All of our fundraising orders are given to a parent to tabulate on the day they are due. If they are turned in late then the entire order has to be re-tabulated and there is no time to do that during the school day. Our fund raising vendors expect our orders to be submitted in a timely manner and we give the students plenty of time to sell items. Please don’t ask if your child can turn in their fundraising form the day after it is due. If we allow that for one student we have to allow if for all and then we no longer have a viable due date. Thank you for understanding.